Walruses of the Pechora sea
The Atlantic walrus is a subspecies of the walrus listed in the Red Book of Russia. Walruses living in the Pechora Sea have been subject of human pressure for centuries - in old times the Pomors (native Russians living by the Arctic seas) came to the Pechora Sea for hunting, and today oil mining takes place in this region, which is a threat to all marine ecosystem, and especially such sensitive species - walrus.
The population of walruses in the Pechora Sea in recent years has shown poor dynamics - the number of walruses in the Lyamchin Nos rookery has decreased from several hundreds to several dozens in recent years, the rookery on Kolguev Island has disappeared, the rookery on Matveev Island is under anthropogenic pressure due to passing ships connected to the oil industry. This situation causes concerns among scientists and conservationists.
About the project
15 days alone on the island
We will live on Matveev Island, and walruses will be our only neighbors.
Complicated filming
We will shoot a large amount of material, including underwater photography of walruses. Such shooting is associated with a great risk to life. If successful, we will receive unique data of scientific and artistic value.
4 specialists with the unique experience
Each of the project participants has extensive experience of interacting with wild animals and underwater photography in the most difficult conditions.
We work in cooperation with the Nenetsky Nature Reserve, which hosts the walrus rookery.
1 tonn of equipment
Will be shipped to the island to make the project work
Media and impact
The problem of conservation of the Atlantic walrus will be shown in detail in the media and at various exhibitions and festivals of wildlife. We hope to change things and make the real impact on the situation.
Project goals
take photographs and videos of walruses, including underwater. The received materials will be of scientific and artistic value.
Tell a story
to tell about the beauty, uniqueness and fragility of the Arctic ecosystems. The story will be demonstrated it at various events - festivals, exhibitions, etc.
Bring attention of media and people
to the Atlantic walrus conservation problem.
Help "Nenetsky" nature reserve to protect walruses
by banning navigation south of Matveev Island, where the walrus rookery is located.
A team of specialists ready to overcome any obstacles on the way to the goal.
Stas Zakharov
conservationist, experienced underwater photographer and expedition organizer, a participant in the Antarctic conservation project, the head of the technical part of the project.
Dmitry Kokh
underwater photographer, winner of numerous photo contests.
Mike Korostelev
famous Russian photographer, winner of numerous photography contests and founder of the Team Trip project.
Yulia Bogomolova
Scientist of the Nenetsky Nature Reserve, specialist in Atlantic walrus. Her participation will guarantee the minimal impact on the rookery by the team.
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